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Friday, October 9, 2009

Article: Plastic bags to be eased out

Friday October 9, 2009


PUTRAJAYA: Plastic bags, especially for packing food, are on their way out at the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry, which is going "green" to minimise harm to the environment.

Its minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said plans were afoot to kick off the campaign to create an ecologically friendly environment.

"We also plan to rope in other ministries for this good cause. It is important for the public to be aware of the harm plastic can do to the environment," he told reporters after the ministry's monthly gathering yesterday.

"It is time that we do our part for nature, and it is good if we can minimise – even stop – the use of plastic bags. Kicking off the campaign in my ministry is a positive start, and I hope to see the employees bring containers to the cafeteria if they want to pack food.

"This is a good habit that I want to see the staff members promote to their children, friends, family and neighbours. It may be a small thing, but it will certainly have an impact on efforts to protect and preserve the environment."

Chin said his ministry was in the midst of discussing the project with other ministries to have a better and "more powerful impact."

If successful, the "do not use plastic bags" campaign would be extended to shops and retail outlets within Putrajaya and later, nationwide.

At the function, the minister launched a handbook providing information on fiscal incentives provided by the Government to encourage the generation of renewable energy.

Incentives would be given to those who adopt energy efficiency, and parties which make efforts to improve power quality. Among the incentives were investment tax allowance and exemption of import duty and sales tax.

Chin added that the ministry was also involved in ensuring the success of one of the six national key results areas outlined by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

"We are providing support to the Rural and Regional Development Ministry in ensuring that 90% of people in Sabah and Sarawak, and 98% of the population in the peninsula, have access to clean water by 2012," he said.

"As for power, the target is to see that 95% of the East Malaysian population have electricity supply to their homes, while 7,000 orang asli in the peninsula enjoy uninterrupted power supply in three years' time.

This article was taken from: The Star Online: Nation 9 October 2009

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