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We here at GrASS need your help to help us gather the below mentioned items to help us raise funds for our shelter and other independent pet rescuers.

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Glass Jars/Plastic containers with lids
Cardboard boxes (any other cardboard materials)
Aluminium Cans
Expired Food Products

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pet shop abuses their dogs for sale (PENANG)

The Penang Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS) received this from a lady who visited the petshop known as TNT in Bayan Lepas and sent us the information & some photographs.

Hi I went to a pet shop today (1st March 2011, Tuesday) with a friend. They have three shelties and 2 collies there. I was asking them about the shelties and I noticed one of the girls working there...she grabbed one of the shelties by the neck like how mother dogs grab her puppies and just flung the dog out of the cage.. the dog did not yelp. Then I asked her about the gender of the three shelties, she walked in and tried to reach for one of the shelties and when she did that I saw the dog crouch down like it was in fear. and when she reach out to another sheltie which was in the cage who was trying to run away she just grabbed it by its tail and yanked it out of the cage.. I was surprised the dogs did not yelp but I felt hurt to see them being treated like this Is there anything we can do? they look ok like healthy dogs but yanking the dogs like this is not the way to treat them. she is selling them for 3K. local.

its TNT petstore near sunshine supermarket & near suntech. A few doors away from the KFC

- End of message-

So please don't support this petshop. Lets boycott the petshop!


Anonymous said...

alright, place the shop's name in facebook, shame them.

Anonymous said...

yet they still advertise in mudah..