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Dear Friends,

We here at GrASS need your help to help us gather the below mentioned items to help us raise funds for our shelter and other independent pet rescuers.

The items are:

Scrap Paper
Old Newspapers
Old Magazines
Unwanted uncooked/raw Acidic Fruits ( Oranges, pineapples, lime,lemons)
Unwanted uncooked/raw fruits
Unwanted uncooked/raw Vegetables
Brown Sugar
Rice Bran
Red Earth
Glass Jars/Plastic containers with lids
Cardboard boxes (any other cardboard materials)
Aluminium Cans
Expired Food Products

For more ways on how or what items you can donate to help please visit HERE

Friday, April 15, 2011

ADOPTION DRIVE. - Please forward to as many people as possible

Thursday, April 14, 2011



CANINE welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) will be holding its usual adoption drive at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya from 11.30am to 7.30pm on Sunday April 17. The adoption drive will be located at Block NB1, facing Station 1 and Old Town White Coffee. Among the canines put up for adoption is a puppy named Xena that was adopted from MDDB in Oct lat year.

"Xena's current owner thinks he cannot spend much time caring for the puppy anymore because of a drastic change in his work schedule.

"So, we have taken Xena back and putting her up for adoption,'' said MDDB adoption coordinator Christine Lai.

According to Lai, Xena is a smart young dog that is both gregarious and loving.

"We hope a family will take Xena in as she is very good with children,'' said Lai.

Besides, Xena, about 15 other puppies will also be available for adoption at the event.

MDDB will also be at the Petz PowWow organized by Petz Unleashed Sdn Bhd on April 16 and 17 at Mines Square, Mines Shopping Mall in Seri Kembangan.
"We have been given a booth and will be selling some of our merchandise as well as putting-up some puppies for adoption,'' said Lai. Guests can participate with their pets in various interesting events such as the Best Dressed Pet Contest, Most Photogenic Pet(s) & Owner Contest and Best Pet & Owner Lookalike Contest. Other events there include owner and Pet Food Eating Contest for which Canadian Pizza will be sponsoring pizzas.

Lai is also appealing for funds, to pay for escalating veterinary bills, as well as items needed for the MDDB half-way-home.

"We need dry and canned dog, puppy, cat and kitten food, old newspapers, dog and cat shampoo, old towels, rice, cages, detergent and bleach,'' said Lai.

The items can be dropped off at the adoption drive at Jaya One, added Lai. Details visit or the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better page on Facebook or call 019-3576477, 012-3739007.

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