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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Abuse and Cruelty at Selayang Municipal Council Animal Pound

Dear Datuk Zainal, 
I am a member of the Malaysian public and a tax payer.
It is with a lot of dissappointment, sadness and anger that I hear of how animals are treated at the Selayang Municipal Council in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I am writing to you, the President of Selayang Municipal Council to highlight this issue and the fact that this practice is  unacceptable in the civilised society that Malaysia claims to be.
The following is what I gather from the photographs taken by NGOs of the Selayang Dog Pound this week, and available from the web:
  1. Dogs captured and kept at the pound are not fed and provided water and food. They are left to die a slow torturous death from exhaustion. It was reported that your caretaker said there is no provision for food for these animals. If true, this simply means the dogs are systematically being left to starve to death.
  2. Dead puppies were simply washed into the drains
  3. Department of Veterinary Services people have not been to the pound for about a month.
  4. The MPS employee in charge at the Selayang Pound refuse to let owners to see their dogs. Apparently, she does not allow anyone to enter the pound and  even the SPCA officials that included a vet, was not allowed entry into the pound yesterday. It is reported that this woman has a deep hatred for dogs that she enjoys inflicting pain on them. I am not sure if there is any truth in this allegation, but if there are slivers of truth to this, she needs psychiatric help. Civil servants with mental issues should not be allowed to work in a capacity where they can exercise their sadistic streak. She needs to be removed from her position of power.
Attached the photographic evidence substantiating these activities from an NGO.
I look forward to your response to the issue highligted. These are serious allegations. I am sure there are alot of other concerned Malaysians out there who would like to hear from you too. The photos definitely shows dogs are malnourished and dying. I doubt that they were in this condition when they were initially captured, even if they are strays.
For your information, there are a lot of compassionate Malaysians of all races Muslims, Buddist, Hindus , Christians or atheist alike who have it in their heart to feed and look after stray cats and dogs in their neighbourhood, even if they are no able to take them into their homes. Quite a number I know spend their own money and time to spay cats and dogs in their neighbourhoods before releasing them again. So, I do not believe these animals came into the pound as sick as they now look or close to death.
I can only deduce that there is little compassion and a lot of hate for animals here in your organisation.
I still recall the dog shooting competition organised by Selayang Municipal Council in 2007. The council was giving cash prize up to MYR 15,000 to the public for the shooting of these creatures. This was cancelled after much protest from the public.
Why does the people in the council and its employees hate dogs that much ?
In school, we teach our kids every religion abhors cruelty to animals. If we tell our kids this, why is it that adults cannot find it in their hearts to be compassionate to a lesser being? God made them for a purpose - i doubt that He made animals for us to torture.
If this allegations are true, for the love of God, we want changes to be made. Please cooperate with animal welfare NGOs to put a stop to this cruel practice. There are various more humane and more effective approaches to controlling the population of strays, and your organisation needs to work with the NGOs to achieve this. 
Those responsible for this state of affairs at the Selayang Municipal Council should be held accountable and fired. 
Psychopaths should not be allowed to exercise their power in such a way. Even animals can show compassion.
Such individuals have no business earning their bread and butter from from tax payers money. They are worst than animals.
We look forward to your response in your capacity as Yang DiPertua - The President of the Selayang Municipal Council.
Yours Sincerely,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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