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Dear Friends,

We here at GrASS need your help to help us gather the below mentioned items to help us raise funds for our shelter and other independent pet rescuers.

The items are:

Scrap Paper
Old Newspapers
Old Magazines
Unwanted uncooked/raw Acidic Fruits ( Oranges, pineapples, lime,lemons)
Unwanted uncooked/raw fruits
Unwanted uncooked/raw Vegetables
Brown Sugar
Rice Bran
Red Earth
Glass Jars/Plastic containers with lids
Cardboard boxes (any other cardboard materials)
Aluminium Cans
Expired Food Products

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Monday, February 8, 2010

MDDB: IS THIS SOP - Please forward

Is This Standard Operating Procedure?

This pix appeared in The Star today and shows how dog catchers handle the strays. We rescued a puppy caught by dogcatchers from a pound last year and had to amputate one of its limbs as the nerves were severely damaged. The vet told us that there was a chance the puppy was grabbed and dragged or grabbed and held by the damaged limb. Anyway, this puppy was caught by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council. Situations like this arise due to the poor management of strays and the lack of knowledge of the proper methods. We will continue to help in creating a path for NGOs - including PAWS and the SPCA - to work towards establishing a sound and proper stray management system in the country. We would also like to advise individuals and groups that are not involved in rescuing and managing strays to stop throwing a spanner in our efforts. Spreading lies that we are uploading old pictures will not in any way protect the local councils. It will only result in the pictures with date and time recorded on them being printed out and distributed to the relevant authorities. Please stop sabotaging the MPK in the guise of protecting it!

Now back to the puppy caught by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council - what you can do.

1) Read the story on so that it will receive many hits.

2) Write to all these people with the attached photo to record your displeasure:  

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