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Saturday, August 29, 2009

View: Happy green Merdeka!

Friday August 28, 2009

THE Merdeka celebration is round the corner and all our fellow Malaysians are happy and excited and at the same time proud that Malaysia will be 52 years old – 52 years of freedom – except that we are still facing environmental and wildlife issues.

Not enough Malaysians are doing their part in helping the environment and wildlife. They all like to throw rubbish into rivers and lakes, and even in the jungle, which will damage our flora and fauna.

Malaysia was once a beautiful and green country but because of us, our fresh and clear waters are now greenish and filthy, our forests are being cut down, our animals are being killed to make attire and other decorations, and our fresh air is now smoky and hazy.

Malaysia is a tropical heritage and is still one, but it is less beautiful than before. We can all shout "I love Malaysia" and say it is my home, my country and show our Merdeka spirit by displaying the Jalur Gemilang everywhere. We can even sing patriotic songs with joy and pride, but that isn't real patrioticism because we don't realise that destroying our environment is not showing our love to the country.

I remember in 2006, I went to Cameron and Genting Highlands. The weather there used to be so cold I was shivering. But with more development and global warming, when I was in Genting Highlands in January this year, I had to take off my jacket because it was so hot that I was sweating.

Just shouting "Merdeka" is not good enough to show our love. A better way is to reduce our carbon footprint to make Malaysia a better place. I would like to wish all of you a happy and green Merdeka this year.


Subang Jaya.

This article was taken from: The Star Online: Opinion 28 August 2009

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