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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

View: Stop developing island

Wednesday August 26, 2009

I HAVE been visiting Pulau Perhentian for the past three years and have noticed the declining state of the environment on the island – the waters around it and the marine life.

From my observation and conversation with people on the island, one of the main causes for the degenerating coral reefs and marine life is the development on the island as well as the increase in number of irresponsible tourists, especially snorkellers with fins.

There are various development projects on the island like jetties, paths for jungle walks and several big buildings. Most of the tourists I talked to were upset with such developments on an island so well-known for its quiet and natural environment.

These development projects not only destroy the natural beauty and landscape of the island but also the beautiful underwater world.

The island depends solely on tourism, and if the development pushes the tourists away, businesses here will suffer, not to mention the revenue the Government gets from the tourism industry.

Things such as touching and stepping on corals, collecting seashells and corals as well as touching marine life like turtles are causing a lot of damage to the marine environment. I believe the relevant authorities should work together to create awareness among tourists about the Do's and Don'ts and practise responsible tourism.

The other issue that needs attention will be the protection of turtles that usually feed in the channel between the big and small islands, which happens to be the main "highway" for boats. Just this week, there were two reports of turtles found dead, one of unknown causes and the other by boat propellers.

This has been a somewhat usual incident on the island, and if this continues alongside the poaching of turtle eggs, the turtle population on the island will continue to decline.

Tourists love turtles, and will thus stop coming to the island if the turtle population were to decline further.

I urge the Government to set up proper shipping lanes (just large enough for a few boats) and close off other areas along the channel to reduce the possibility of propellers hitting the turtles.

There is also a need for Government officials to visit Long Beach at night and see what is going on there. Illegal parties and bars have mushroomed along the beach. I doubt licences are issued for these activities. It's not only harming the environment but the safety of people visiting the island as well.

Subang Jaya.

This article was taken from: The Star Online: Opinion 26 August 2009

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