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Monday, August 17, 2009

View: Protect our wildlife

Sunday August 16, 2009

I AM very disturbed to read about the role Malaysia has played in the illegal trading of wildlife. On the same note, I would like to congratulate the Starprobe team for highlighting this issue that has placed "Malaysia on the world map for the wrong reasons," (The Star, Aug 10).

As an educator, I try my best to educate my students on the importance of wildlife preservation. We should play a major role to protect animals who are at our mercy. As it is, we use them extensively in science laboratories to carry out experiments. Do we have to subject them to further suffering and pain merely to elevate our status?

All my life I have wondered how eating parts of animals can alleviate any disease or how anyone can feel proud of using a so-called branded handbag made of crocodile skin.

Only if there is a demand will there be supply. All those who use products made of animal parts should do some soul-searching and realise that in purchasing such products you are indeed condoning the act of cruelty towards animals.

The interview with Anson Wong "Coming clean" (The Star, Aug 10) clearly indicates that he has no remorse for what he has done. There is doubt in my mind if he has actually come clean.

In my opinion, severe punishment should be imposed on people who are involved in trafficking of animals to deter them from breaking every ethical constraint and law to serve their selfish needs.

To add salt to injury, the remark made by the director-general of Perhilitan was most disheartening.

In brushing off the involvement of an officer in the illegal trade as an "old story" (The Star, Aug 11), he has inadvertently admitted the allegation is true and there is something underhanded in this issue.

Those who hold positions involving wildlife must have a true passion for protecting these animals.

Animals are living creatures created by God. So they deserve to be protected, especially by those who hold positions in making decisions involving them.

If you don't believe in saving the wildlife, don't take up the position. It is a disservice to the wildlife.

As a nation that prides itself in great achievements, we are certainly lacking the right attitude in seriously curbing illegal trading of wildlife. Everyone can make a difference and can play a role in dealing with this issue. Let us make a concerted effort to protect the rights of animals to live on this planet and place Malaysia's name on the world map for the right reason.


Cheras, Selangor.

This article was taken from: The Star Online: Opinion 16 August 2009

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